Maybe you remember growing up in a home that experienced a break-in.

Afterwards, somebody thought is was a good idea to put burglar-proof bars on the windows to keep them from coming back. Ah, yes 1979 was a great year, but not for home security.

Modern Window Security Screens were actually invented somewhere in Australia, a decade after the massive 1996 gun buyback program, followed by the rampant burglaries, since mostly everyone became unarmed, right?

The distinct difference is with prehistoric WindowBurglar Bars subconsciously resembling a prison are:

1. They can be removed from the outside from exposed bolts and screws.

2. Glass is still and can be broken.

3. They will not keep insects outside.

Last, but not least, your optimal window protection should also have the ability to save your life in an entirely different way. Any Fire Marshall will advise on a back-up escape access in the event of a house fire, in case the closest exit is blocked from flames. At least a proper screen should have a lever that opens from the inside.

Window Security Screens win in all three categories and can withstand Category 5 Storms.