Luxury Safe Rooms.

Intruders have made it inside. Ready?

Safe Rooms can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Castles had a “castle keep,” located in the deepest part of the castle, designed so the feudal lord could hide during a siege.

Until now, Luxury Panic Room options were limited to guaranteeing the maximum level of security.

Here’s an insider look into conventional Safe Rooms. They generally contain unappealing cinder blocks that can not stop an AK-47 round, or some noticeable bank style vault door.

The distinct difference is that our Bullet-Proof Bedroom is just that, with your furnishings, making it super comfortable. Essentially, it becomes a hybrid transformation of an existing space, so discrete, it hardly resembles a safe space.

There are quite few considerations like threat level, floor level, and number of occupants.

All preventative measures are considered in the planning phase.

Fortress Concepts bridges the gap of safety and privacy, while keeping the strictest client confidentiality in the process.

Bullet-Proof Bedrooms.

Bullet-Proof Doors

Our Panic Room configurations turn any existing bedroom or office into a Safe Room, starting with the entrance.

+Level III & IV Bullet-Proof protection (9mm – 7.62×51)

+16 Gauge Steel Framing guards against crowbar prying.

+Multi-Point Lock for grinding, torching, & lock-picking.

Next, protecting surrounding walls is paramount. We use a combination of Kevlar Bullet-proof Drywall impenetrable Ballistic Coating with proprietary bonding agents, tested to withstand multiple shots fired. Even a torch falls short with Zero Flame Spread, making your Custom Panic Room fire-proof.

For exterior safety, Level III Bullet-Proof Windows stop all handgun calibers, and even look and open like regular vinyl windows. Invisible security is the best kind.

Communication integration includes a multitude of electronics for fail-safe comm.

We also offer other advanced secret security measures discussed in person only.

*Fortress signature gun-port for returning fire is optional.