The common problems with alarm panels attached to a monitoring agreement, aside from the 8-23 minute response time include some issues that don’t meet the eye.

Even if you have double redundancy(Phoneline & GSM), intruders can still cut the “Exposed” phoneline and use a Cell Jammer. If they were really casing your hood while you’re on your dream vacation, they would kill the power on your outside breaker box, let the 72 hour back battery drain out, then return. And that’s what the pros are doing.

If a guy who used to install panels ever turned to the dark side, could locate the panel in less than 60 seconds, and dismantle. There’s already youtube videos on that topic. A heavy duty lock box could put a stop to that.

Flying Insects and fur-balls setting off motion detectors. So do large dogs jumping on couches.

Clashing dishes set off glass break sensors. While you’re away from home, you will freak out because your cat knocked over a vase on the counter-top, or the maid was putting up the dishes to hard.

False alarms can cost up to $200 after the third offense, but worse tie up local resources.

On a good note, a nice cigar will not set off the smoke detector communicator alerting the Fire Department, because the temperature threshold is 135 Degrees Fahrenheit. Everyone should have fire monitoring.

All-in-all, “alarms” were technically invented for supplemental security, not to serve as the first line of defense.