Panic Room Functions

When you think about Home Improvements for an estate, some are merely cosmetic, and some are indeed an asset. A customized Safe Room within the heart of the home is the ultimate home improvement. Just look at the news or look into modern day entertainment. Stopping sociopathic violence is more important in today’s times than ever before.

Safe Room Safety

Premeditated or random Home Invasions can start with criminals there for “the score”, however insubordination could make things become personal. Discovering a safe is the holy grail to criminals. They will threaten and use leverage with family members or pets to get what they want. The average criminal mentality is so extreme these days. An attacker’s aggression can be sent into overdrive, leading them to try shooting through doors, walls, and windows.

Family preservation is priority.

Discrete Low-Key

The last thing anyone ever wants is delivery guys, or any visitor for that matter noticing your Safe Room, creating any unwanted curiosity. The primary barrier for last resort safety is to keep the safe room top secret in the first place. A low profile Bullet-Proof Door is the first line of defense. It just looks like a solid bedroom door. Most Realtors sometimes will not even disclose a property being equipped with one, out of respect for privacy.

Comfort is Key

In the event of a home invasion and retreating, small children would be much better off watching cartoons and being able to use the restroom instead of being crammed into some tight container in an obscure part of the home. While the authorities are being alerted, you could watch them from the surveillance monitor.

Your new Panic Room can even be equipped with multiple additions, features, and benefits that do not even meet the eye. An intercom, a hidden nanny-cam above their head, a tucked away gun port, and additional components we only like to mention in person.