CCTV Surveillance Necessities

It doesn’t matter if you stay in the Appalachians or the Rockies, crime is everywhere.

For a homeowner to want every single advantage in crime prevention, recovery and prosecuting, the best home security cameras will be needed. Ignored minor details can jeopardize major results.

There are so many factors that go into getting great footage like ambient light, movement, angles and field of view. For instance, did you 100 pixels per foot are needed for facial recognition? At 200 PPF, someone with blurry vision can identify a face, but at 50 PPF, your burglar’s face is so blurry, it will look like an alien. So nobody’s half-stepping, we recommend 5-8MP, because it’s a nice sweet spot up to 25 feet.

Home Security Camera Configurations

High-end security cameras and CCTV monitoring can be a mix and match kind of purchase. Don’t let any joker sell you a box of all the same cameras. A great example of this practice would be having the 8-Channel NVR. Select 3 interior low profile and 3 exterior audio and visual motion detection cameras.

For break-ins vehicles, home invasions, and drive-by shootings, it’s almost fail-safe to rely on 1 License Plate Camera with 80 IR LED’s in total darkness.

When In-fared with WDR isn’t doing the job over 100 ft. in pitch black, there’s still 1 input left for the thermal imaging to bring anything moving to life, no matter if it’s just a deer in the garden or getting completely surrounded, like what happened in “Scar-face.”

By the way, 1983’s “Scar-face” ending, where his estate gets swarmed 30+ deep, the Camera on the driveway gate-post was a Pelco Camera, one of the pioneers of Surveillance Equipment. As a Crime Prevention Practitioner, it’s safe to say maybe Mr. Montana could’ve had a different outcome with an upgrade and a Bullet-Proof Safe Room.