Commercial Crime Prevention

Sub-machine guns, Cannabis and Jewelry need a little higher level of security than other types of retail stores. Loss prevention and safety violations can wreak havoc on Operations, Insurance Premiums, and who knows what else?

For Business Crime Prevention, a solo security system will get the Police there in 15:00-23:00 minutes, and usually 5:00 minute if you yell gun at the operator. That’s a lot of time.

High asset special inventory needs security shield layers from Business Security Doors to a Commercial Safe Room.

Business Hours

Guns blazing, bullets zinging, and bodies dropping aren’t good for business. Employees deserve the privilege of a last resort to save their own life. A 16 gauge steel door is enough to diffuse a .357 Magnum round and potentially send that lead fragmentation back their way, incapacitating them until the Police show up.

After Hours

Crowbars are used for “Backdoor Break-ins” in most cases. Sometimes the tools become extreme with Subarus and 2 Ton pick-up trucks chained to doors, like a recent gun heist in Houston, TX that put dozens of firearms on the streets. For some reason this technique has gained popularity with young degenerate criminals, after the original “Purge” came out.

Security cameras with motion detection and automatic screen pop-up would’ve gotten them noticed way faster and the entire police precinct there way faster, Commissioner and all.

Commercial Break-in Prevention for internal penetration should be geared towards stopping thieves with torch and grinder in hand looking for heavy safes.

A lot of business owners really own a new peace of mind knowing there’s a space that can withstand a fire for an extra 90 minutes.

Business Security Consultation

When something terrible happens to local shop, that PR sometimes lingers with consumers. With a Bullet-Proof Office safety plan, a typical investment on that level, finds a way to pay for itself.