Benefits of High Security Doors

Many homeowners are looking to upgrade their existing front & back door frames to allow for a more secure housing for a security door to be installed. Burglars looking for their next score really only rely on 2 things to get in, tools and time.

Steel doors from home centers are typically made from a flimsy 26 gauge steel that can dent from a slight bump. The most basic home door housings are used of construction grade 2×4 particle materials. The problem with this is that it is NOT secure. The three things that are most important to making a secure home door are: the housing, frames, doors.

To put levels of security in perspective, a 12 gauge steel door skin is standard to stop an AK-47 round from penetrating. For an actual Burglar-Resistant Door to withstand powerful force from a 3 foot long wrecking bar, the framework needs to be at least 16 gauge steel and 14 gauge hinges.

Burglar-Proofing your home’s next points point to hardware. Everyone loves hardware, and just like any Swiss timepiece, engineering and quality control sets apart the haves from the have-nots.

Mortise style locks with multiple shootbolts are the best option on the market.Keybumping on cylindrical deadbolts is so easy, even a child can do it, and the shaved keys are available to purchase online without any proper licensing. Owning a lock-pick resistant door should also include a housing as an additional barrier against drills. European Security Door manufacturing raised the bar by incorporating manganese drill bit stoppers, so at the same hardness as titanium, drill bits will just be chewed up and spit out.

Additional shoot-bolts parallel to the top and bottom hinges will leave professional thieves baffled when they decide to pull out a torch or grinder, especially when the door just appears as a regular door from the exterior.

While the amateur thieves are still kicking in doors and throwing rocks through windows, the competent thieves looking for larger scores are experienced with construction tolerances. Since the average burglary usually pays out $1,500-$15,000 for 8 minutes of work, knowing risks and which tool in the toolbox best suited for the job is useful intel for lurking thieves.

The best part about a hardcore security door, is that it keeps a dishonest man honest, for the moment.