Burglary Prevention While Home

Picture this, the kids are upstairs sleeping, and the lady took some melatonin before dozing off. Everyone is knocked out, it’s 3 in the morning!

Two guys with ski masks just stuck a 3 foot crowbar between your door and frame. Distant noises sound strange in a groggy state. Instead of having only 20 seconds notice for putting on slippers, unlocking the family protection, and trying to wake up 2-5 other bodies…Stop, stop, just stop…we both know that’s not even realistic. Take in a deep breath, and understand, their power can be stripped if they don’t have the tools to break-in. You want the doors that take 20+ Minutes, while you call the police and do those things.

Residential High Security Doors do just that, give off the warning needed.

Impact-resistant glass is an excellent option, but still has some limitations. Residential Bullet-Proof Glass Doors and inserts are much thicker and a safer option in the event of an individual getting aggravated on the front porch and pulling out a gun.

A Burglary while home can be as traumatizing as a home invasion, so super thick 16 Gauge Steel Doors serve as the unfair advantage for Maximum Home Security.

Burglary Prevention While Away

Cherry-picking criminals or the guy that installed the satellite dish 3 weeks ago, prefer homes with good cover from neighbors. Garage access is perfect for being undetected, so not only are they out of sight, but sound is muffled. Seriously, residents living with the closest neighbor ¼ mile away have to be super cautious. To be a true Burglar-Proof Door, the door should have a burglar resistance rating and certification from an independent laboratory.

Just our Level II Security Door has 20 Gauge steel edges, a multi-point lock, and impact-resistant glass. Before they can even get to that, they have to get past the first layer steel Security Screen Door, a must for every back porch.

When it comes down to neighbors “Keeping an eye out on things“, our break-in prevention team has heard quite a few stories of parked box trucks in driveways loading up everything but the kitchen sink. Days later, the neighbor reveals to the victims, “Oh really, we thought you guys were moving!