Some companies out there in the security sphere would have you believe an alarm with chimes and chirps will solve all your home security needs.

Really though, here on earth, security is kind better served in layers, just like PC anti-viruses or encrypted phone calls. Since Elite Home Security starts from the exterior, you literally can not have 1 weak spot. Door or window, or everything is compromised. Now there’s been some thieves to use a crawl underneath homes with reciprocating saws and carve out the flooring. They’re a small percentage though.

Advanced Home Security doesn’t have to be confusing, so let’s make it as simple and painless to understand.

Doors: Have one with thick steel framing, and impossible locks to pick. No weak glass anywhere.

Windows: Bullet-proof Levels III-VIII or Impact-resistant with a security screen as the outer layer, again we’re layering here. Also, exposed hinges and window sashes are vulnerable.

Garages: Burglar resistant doors can slow them down and make them give up the next door leading to the kitchen.

1-2 hours and a couple broken tools later, after breeching the exterior, a good monitored 2-way/GSM triple redundant security system can do it’s job. Or that individual could just have Robust Security Cameras that pull up the screen on the phone from motion activation. You can even talk to them, and ask them what the hell they’re doing.

Old-timer mantras and other passive aggressive thinking regarding the topic said thinks like, “If they want to get in badly enough, then they will.” Anyone can transform their home into a bullet-proof fortress, and start responding, oh yeah, on who’s premises?