What Crimes can a Panic Room actually prevent?

Murder, Sexual Assault, Kid-nap, Robbery, Theft for irreplaceable items, and even Arson.

What specific spaces can be transformed into a Safe Room?

Bedrooms, Offices, & Basements.

What’s the difference between a Fortress Safe Room and others?

We do not create storm shelter containers, that are usually installed in a garage or basement. Our clients generally choose their master bedroom as the designated safe room location, since that’s where they sleep and are the most vulnerable.

We do not create hidden passageways that are typically medium security, and require unused existing space.

We do not create underground shelters for unlikely biological attacks, however our clients best interests are assessed for every-day more realistic threats.

One thing worth noting that other “Panic Room Builders” simply can not, is Fortress Concepts can create the highest level of ballistic protection (Level V) while utilizing the least amount of cubic space.

I already have a safe room. Should I get another one?

For homes over 10,000 square feet, it could be beneficial to have them separate in the event of intruders standing between the first location.

What states do you currently service?

All 50 States & Canada

What will the finished product look like?

That depends. Our catalogs display all door options. Homeowners can decide on the details like flooring, wallpaper, and/or tile. After the structural work is done, the rest is imagination.

How long does it take to get installation completed?

Typical lead times can range from 7-8 weeks.

Do you have references?

Yes, however limitations due to client confidentiality.