Before any Safe Room Construction is chosen, it should be impenetrable, ergonomic, and desirably cozy.

Since being locked in a 6×6 metal container could get a little stuffy, it makes the most since to turn the entire master suite into the live-in Panic Room, or even a good-sized closet.

Executives and Celebrities alike are catching on to this home trend!

Bullet-Proof Walls should cover every square inch that desired surface area. Armed assailants might discover the door is a solid steel, and try shooting a couple of rounds to test it, then dump a magazine into the wall to test it out.

The ballistic door must be able to realistically withstand a dozen shots, without losing it’s ballistic integrity. Just to give you an idea, a 16 gauge steel door is needed, stopping a .357 magnum traveling at 1500fps.

Bullet-Proof Doors to stop rifle rounds are a whole different animal. A 12 gauge door will be needed for that application, or ceramic balls that diffuse energy without ricochet or penetration.

If they are really determined, then they might think running outside and putting a couple bullets through the window work. No, residential Bullet-Proof Windows are over an inch thick, and they open like any other window.

Layout & Design

No fortified Luxury Safe Room should be too obvious, nor should it be designated to a common area that guests would be entering.

It should consist of seamless lines from trimmed out and finished off with molding.

Add some paint, wallpaper, or tile, and the tress disappear from the forest.

Bullet-proof Details

Hardware choice is key. Mechanical locks are fail-safe, high-end finger readers are too. Trusting a door with an inferior finger reader with sweaty palms and adrenaline pumping could be dangerous.

In the old days attackers could usually blast out a deadbolt, but its impossible when there’s 3 separate mortise locks with multiple Door  Shoot-Bolts anchored into the frame, housed in even more steel. An electronic lock with a timer will makes your interior security super fail-safe, especially in a Office setting.

Designer Panic Rooms need fail-safe communication since criminals can jam cell signals with a $50 jammer. A dedicated hardwired line is always the best bet.