The film “Panic Room” immediately comes to mind. It kept them alive, but wouldn’t of stood a chance against assault rifles, hence why only 1 bad guy brought a small handgun. 7.62×39 AK-47 rounds absolutely chew through cinder-blocks. Since they just had a cool door, everything else was quasi-safe from the shell to the ventilation, it’s more entertaining to examine other films with residential break-ins, and invoke some risk mitigation, or play Monday morning quarter-back with different outcomes.

“Trespass” (2011)

In this film, Nicolas Cage plays a diamond dealer with high status appearance. His family also lives in his luxurious home. The four intruders that are tipped off came from the “Pool Boy” that was getting a little too friendly with the family and spotted a safe hidden in the wall. Of course that was the focal point, since it’s the holy grail for robbers. The film included a 8 hour hostage situation with quite a bit of torture. With the amount of fire-power that was brought to the crime scene, a superior bullet-proof safe room would’ve saved a lot of grief.

“Fugitive” (1993)

Again, an inside ambush. Harrison Ford’s character is woken up in the middle of the night to an amputee intruder that wrestles and kills his wife. He gets framed, goes to prison, escapes, looks over his shoulder for weeks, and jumps off a waterfall. The drug company set him up, like his life was completely meaningless. See, all Doctors and Execs should have a bullet-proof safe room to run to. Why does everyone want to be a cowboy? Let the police shoot it out with them. That’s what they get paid to do, plus they’re already wearing bullet-proof vests.

“Scar-Face” (1983)

Florescent Neon Bulbs, what a great year! It’s no secret what line of work “Tony Montana” was in, and the problems that followed. Because he disobeyed a direct order to take out the ambassador, Tony was ordered a hit. 35 shooters deep, his gate was jumped, and his 3 guards weren’t much help. He literally was surrounded and had nowhere to run. The office would’ve been the perfect spot for a Fortress Safe Room. His infestation was so bad, we might even of recommended our gunport upgrade. Mr. Montana spent more money on tigers than he did bullet-proof windows. In the long run, for some reason, this click has idolized by impressionable minds as someone inspiring…

Bullet-proof bedrooms are the most accessible and last resort are the truest of safe havens. Modern and innovative products have made Safe Rooms comfortable and out of sight. A high-end Ventilation system protects from the maniac that grabs the propane tank off the gas grill hooking it to a garden hose for a flame-thrower. Sorry ladies, the days of using cinder blocks and 8 separate VCR’s are over.