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Professional Crime Prevention.

Bullet-proof Doors Charlotte Greensboro

Vicious Home Invasions are trending.

Break-ins are at record highs.

Fortress Concepts is focused on elite home security measures for V.I.P. abroad from violence and property crime.

We perform comprehensive Residential Risk Assessments.

For real Crime Prevention, the security of your estate or penthouse is optimal when layered. That includes the exterior to the interior, to the covert.

Bullet-Proof Safe Rooms are available in levels III, IV, and V. Our Panic Rooms cover every single threat level and circumstance that could occur. We custom design to meet your safety level, design, and budget.

We only trust the most advanced Home Security Cameras for the best in facial recognition, perimeter observation, and most robust smart-phone access. Nobody wants sub-par CCTV Surveillance when it comes time to solving a situation.

For superior burglary protection, we only furnish the toughest Burglar-Proof Security Doors on the market, and hardcore Bullet-Proof Window Protection.

Many of our clients make the move to upgrade their entire home all at once, not just to sleep very well at night, but to fully experience the Renaissance in Home Security.

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